Our Privacy Policy


We collect limited information about users of this site. We track visitors to our website using Google Analytics for example, as well as the Metrics collection facility provided by our web host which is Squarespace. The Data we collect may include information about your computer, your IP address, possible geographical location, browser type, referral source, length of visit and number of page views. We use the anonymised reports we get from these data collection sources to inform us about how visitors (that's you) use the site and how we (that's us) can improve it.


The European Union (EU) Cookie Law (.PDF) is privacy legislation that requires publishers of websites within the EU (that's us) to get consent from visitors (that's you) to store or retrieve information on their computer or mobile device. Please note that we do NOT place cookies on your computer or mobile device. Our host, Squarespace, may use cookies where necessary for the proper operation of some site features, which is why when you first use the site, you see a message and are asked for your agreement to the use of cookies as required under EU law.

Commenting on Blog Posts

Comments that you leave on this website are handled via Squarespace; we do not have access to the personal details of people using this system, only information contained in the profile you provide when commenting and your IP address. You have the opportunity to register, to make future 'non-Guest' commenting easier, or to sign in to this website via certain Social Media accounts that you may have. Please refer to the relevant privacy policy of your Social Media account provider(s) to ascertain how your data is used when signing in via this route.


Our newsletter is hosted by MailChimp and our subscriber list stored on their secure servers. Under no circumstances do MailChimp share subscriber lists with any other party, unless required by law. We may view our subscriber list, but if we download any data we keep your details secure and comply with the UK's Data Protection Act (1998). Any information that we send to you will be material that we believe you will be interested in, and that you have opted in to receive. A link is provided with each newsletter enabling you to unsubscribe at any point.