The New Forest: A Gated Community of the Mind


The New Forest: A Gated Community of the Mind


By Eóin MacAoidh

Hatchet Green Publishing
ISBN: 978-0956837226
April 16, 2012
200 pages

'A troubling account of the recent social history of the New Forest'

For three years, Ian McKay was blogging about the New Forest. What began as a collection of thoughts on whatever was catching his eye, quickly became an examination of the pressures the Forest has been placed under since it became a National Park in 2005. Backgrounded by the 2011 debate about England s forestry future, and the factional infighting that emerged within the New Forest itself, here is the story of a long history of social exclusion, engineered by the wealthy and several of the organisations charged with the New Forest s care. Far from being a rural idyll, here the author argues that the Forest is a place with a dark history of intolerance, self-interest and hostility to those whose faces do not fit not least the New Forest Gypsies who were expunged so that the Forest could be reinvented, eventually becoming top of the rich-list s residential pick-list.

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